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The Hair Replacement Revolution
A Consumer’s Guide to Effective Hair Replacement Techniques

James Harris and Emanuel Marritt

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It is with great appreciation that we recognize those individuals who helped in the production of this book. We must thank our families and friends, who kept asking, “Are you finished yet?” You provided encouragement and support. We must also thank physicians Dr. Michael Beehner, Dr. Sharon Keene, Dr. Keith Kaufman, Dr. Bobby Limmer, Dr. Bradley Limmer, Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, Dr. Elise Olsen, Dr. William Parsley, Dr. William Reed and Dr. Walter Unger for their contributions, which came in many forms—pearls of information, helpful criticisms, photograph usage, and simple support. We must thank Mr. Peter Friedaur of Züri SalonSpa of Denver, Colorado, for lending his input on styling considerations. We are also very grateful to Mr. Mike Mahoney of for his professional assistance in simplifying the complexities of hair additions. Special thanks to Mr. Tony Lauro for his assistance in preparing the manuscript and for helping with the background research. Thanks to our publisher, Mr. Rudy Shur, for his expertise, as well as his recognition of the importance of a book of this type. We would like to express gratitude to our editor, Ms. Marie Caratozzolo, for her unwavering enthusiasm, patience, editorial acumen, and perseverance. A special thanks goes to the office staff, especially Shanee Courtney, RN, BSN, for the countless number of times they assisted us throughout this project; we are very lucky to have had your help.

In the thirty-six years I have been transplanting hair, I have taught hundreds of physicians from all over the world, Dr. Emanuel Marritt amongst them. His combination of intelligence, enthusiasm, attention to detail, openness to new ideas, and high ethics were obvious and unique in my experience. This book “for non-physicians” by Dr. Marritt and Dr. James Harris, the man he chose from amongst many to take over his clinical practice, is not only an outstanding gift to the public, it is a gift to all hair replacement specialists.
The Hair Replacement Revolution is a work that is long overdue. It offers the very important first step for anyone who is interested in a treatment option for hair loss. From my many years in this field, I know only too well the problems that can occur when an individual has not done sufficient research before choosing a hair loss treatment. I have seen first-hand the devastating and permanent disfigurements that can result from improper surgical treatments. I also know scores of people who have spent their time and money on cosmetic hair additions, only to be disappointed by systems that were either poorly constructed or inappropriately designed for their age or facial structure. No less upsetting to me is having to continually witness the growing parade of hopeful individuals who are willing to ingest any pill or elixir, try any topical cream or shampoo, or use any product that promises to give them the hair that they desire.
Through their collaborative effort, Drs. Harris and Marritt have provided a book that objectively guides the reader through the physical realities of hair loss, provides the truth about the legitimate available treatment alternatives (the positives as well as the negatives), and increases consumer awareness of industry falsehoods. Their work offers a wealth of information for anyone who wants answers to pertinent hair restoration questions in order to avoid potential traumas or disappointments.
A unique blend of science and artistry, the field of hair replacement surgery has grown exponentially over the past few decades. As co-editor of the 2003 edition of Hair restoration, I can attest to the fact that it is a constantly evolving procedure in a field whose scientific and technological advancements are ever-changing. Although my views on some of the information presented may differ somewhat from those of Drs. Harris and Marritt, this book is the perfect starting place for those who seek a clear and honest presentation of the facts. In a further effort to help readers research their options, keep up with current news, and locate professionals in the field, Drs. Harris and Marritt have also included a list of resources, including helpful websites. Keep in mind, however, that there are dozens of qualified professionals who may not be listed on these sites. By reading this book and learning how to ask the right questions, readers will be able to find both the right process and best hair restoration professional to meet their needs.
A hair replacement revolution can be as good or bad as any “revolution.” Your best friend is this book.

Walter Unger, MD
Co-editor of Hair Restoration, 2003 edition
New York, NY


Excerpt(s) from THE HAIR REPLACEMENT REVOLUTION by James Harris, MD, and Emanuel Marritt, MD, Square One Publishers (c) 2003. Used by permission.


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