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As in all areas of cosmetic surgery the refinements of surgical technique and instrumentation have improved the results of hair transplantation.
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What are FU Transplants? Female Hair Loss How Hair Transplants Work
What is a follicular unit hair transplantAll forms of hair restoration surgery involve redistribution of existing hair follicles. No form of surgery will provide more hair follicles than those that currently exist.
[FU hair transplants] Dr Ron Shapiro
Femal Hair LossFemale hair loss is culturally unacceptable despite the fact that up to 40% of the female population experience some hair loss in their lifetime.
[Female Hair Loss] Dr Dow Stough
The Future of hair transplantsThe basic concept of hair transplantation is straightforward and easily understood. The hair growing on the sides and lower part of the back of the head is permanent in most people.
[Details on How Transplants Work]

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When Does Hair Transplant “Shock Loss” Grow Back?
This hair loss question was answered by Dr. Glenn Charles of Florida who is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.  His professional answer is below. How long does it typically take hair transplant shock loss around the recipient area to grow back (assuming it does)? Some of the hairs that fall out due to [...]

Interviewing Coalition Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. William Reed on Video
Dr. Bill Reed is a world renowned hair transplant surgeon and one of the most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  No wonder he’s a highly esteemed member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.  To see dozens of examples of his exceptional results, visit his Coalition profile. Recently, we edited and [...]

Wearing a Hairpiece During the Hair Transplant Post-Surgical Healing Period
This question was posed by a hair loss sufferer seeking hair loss help on our hair restoration forum and answered by Dr. Michael Beehner of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Dr. Beehner is one of our recommended hair restoration physicians. His professional answer is below. How long after hair transplant surgery can you wear a hairpiece over the recipient area? Also what system: tape [...]

Visit our New Hair Restoration Social Community and New Robust Discussion Forum
We’ve just released the new Hair Restoration Social Network and enhanced hair loss discussion forum. We’ve worked behind the scenes for almost a year now to assure that all photos, posts, member info and URLs from our original forum carry over. Our managing publisher Bill Seemiller has really worked hard dealing with the many tedious [...]

How to Create a Natural Hairline with Hair Transplantation
This insightful article was written by Dr. Michael Meshkin of Newport Beach, CA who is one of our recommended hair restoration physicians. Some consider hair to be the most aesthetic part of the face. As such, baldness can dominate one’s appearance, drawing attention from a beautiful face. The hairline is where your scalp hair borders your forehead [...]

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