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How to find a great hair restoration physician

Selecting the right hair restoration physician is an important decision because the quality of work being done today varies widely as do the final results.

It is important that you research and choose your physician wisely. After all, who you choose will determine how natural and full your new hair will be for the rest of your life.

Recommended resources for finding the very best hair restoration physicians

To learn about quality hair restoration physicians who have proven track records for doing outstanding hair transplant work visit the Hair Loss Learning Center or the Hair Transplant Network. These hair restoration communities offer recommendations for leading hair restoration physicians who have been prescreened by patients. These sites also host a very active hair restoration discussion forum.

Hair Loss Learning Center Hair Transplant

Tips for selecting a physician:

  • Does the physician take a holistic approach to hair restoration? Your physician should help you evaluate all your options, surgical and non surgical.
  • Have they made the investment in time and resources to do large sessions of micro follicular unit hair transplantation? Doing outstanding work requires a staff dedicated and trained to use high-powered magnification with the capability of producing more than 2,000 carefully trimmed grafts per surgical session.
  • Is hair restoration the primary focus of their practice? Outstanding results require a physician and a full staff who perform hair restoration surgery on a regular basis. Doing hair restoration as a sideline, along with other cosmetic procedures, may hinder their ability to do large sessions of highly refined follicular unit transplantation.
  • How many patients has this physician produced excellent results for? Like any skill, experience over time is critical to acquiring the skill and judgment required to produce excellent results.
  • Can the physician provide at least a dozen sets of detailed patient before and after photographs? Do they also have patients who are willing to speak with you and meet with you in person?
  • What is the physician’s reputation on hair loss related discussion forums? Many patients participate in our popular discussion forum and post their experiences and photos.

What do their patients think?

Ultimately, the most important measure of a surgeon’s work is their patient’s level of satisfaction. Find out what patient’s think of their physician’s work by visiting a well run hair loss forum. I suggest visiting the following hair restoration discussion forum.



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