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As in all areas of cosmetic surgery the refinements of surgical technique and instrumentation have improved the results of hair transplantation.
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What are FU Transplants? Female Hair Loss How Hair Transplants Work
What is a follicular unit hair transplantAll forms of hair restoration surgery involve redistribution of existing hair follicles. No form of surgery will provide more hair follicles than those that currently exist.
[FU hair transplants] Dr Ron Shapiro
Femal Hair LossFemale hair loss is culturally unacceptable despite the fact that up to 40% of the female population experience some hair loss in their lifetime.
[Female Hair Loss] Dr Dow Stough
The Future of hair transplantsThe basic concept of hair transplantation is straightforward and easily understood. The hair growing on the sides and lower part of the back of the head is permanent in most people.
[Details on How Transplants Work]

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Medical Treatments for Thinning Hair and Other Options
This informative article was written by Dr. Michael Meshkin of Newport Beach, CA who is one of our recommended hair restoration physicians. Finasteride (Propecia), an oral medication available by prescription only, has been introduced to the market in the past decade. Finasteride is approved only for use by men. Through scientific studies, it has been shown [...]

Hair Transplant Videos Interviewing Coalition Physician Dr. Bernardino Arocha
Dr. Bernardino Arocha has been impressing our community with his ultra refined results since he’s joined the ranks of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.  To see examples of his world class hair transplant results, visit his Coalition profile.  You can also discuss these results by visiting the “Results Posted by Leading Hair Restoration [...]

Wearing a Hat After Applying Rogaine: Emphasis on the “After”
Hi. I was just wondering about something: Is there any particular kind of hat I can wear while applying Rogaine? Just to clarify, there is no practical, recommended way to apply Rogaine (minoxidil) while you are wearing a hat. I suppose it might be remotely possible to treat the area through the open space above the [...]

Understanding the Advantages and Limitations of Online Hair Transplant Consultations
I recently emailed several of my pictures to a highly recommended hair restoration center and am quite disappointed with their response. They basically told me that I’m not a hair transplant candidate at this time based on my photos and age, but didn’t really bother to elaborate. I’m certainly no expert, but how can anyone [...]

Dealing With Pimples 3 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery
I’m approaching the 3 month mark after hair transplant surgery and I’m starting to get some pimples in the receipeint area. My question is if i pop them will it hurt the grafts?  I know that they say at 10 days you would have to surgically remove the follicular units and that you cannot lose them, but what damage [...]

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The Reason for Using Only Follicular Units

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